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Some industry dynamics seem to be made specifically for the Cloud and many companies are using it to grow their business. Therefore, it might be time to see what the cloud has to offer your company.

Business Dynamics

The cloud has become more and more accepted in all business circles and there’s a good reason for that. It offers unique business solutions for all types of companies regardless of their size. It also offers everyone the same great chance to make use of advanced technology to forge ahead in their industry sector.

In the past, only large corporations could afford this type of technology. This is why the cloud continues to make such sweeping impacts across the globe. It basically levels the playing field so that small startups can compete with well-established companies.

Below, are 8 more unique reasons why it might be time to find your place in the Cloud.

  1. Spend Less Time on Technology: The cloud simplifies the management of all your IT infrastructure. Instead of spending so much time, staff, money and other resources managing your technology, you can return to simpler times when you focused on building your business. Imagine not having to worry about servers, computers and networks. Everything works as it should all the time.
  2. Mobile Workforce: Today’s business world requires a mobile workforce. You need to be able to allow your staff to work from home, on the road or wherever it’s most convenient. This allows your people to get more done with less effort. With cloud-based technology and mobile apps, this becomes much easier. Employees can log in and edit files or answer emails from anywhere there’s an internet connection. The future of business is mobility. Your executives and employees will be much more efficient. They’ll work less while getting more done.
  3. Lower Operating Costs: Small to mid-sized businesses often have stringent budgets to work with. Not every organization can afford their own enterprise-grade hardware and software. This alone represents a huge investment for most businesses. But what if you could take advantage of all the great features offered by the cloud without spending thousands of dollars? That’s the beauty of cloud technology. It’s affordable for everyone.
  4. Business Growth: Some businesses grow quite rapidly. They go from new startup to successful organization within just a few years. When you start off using cloud technology, you can scale up gradually as needed. There’s no need to make huge technology investments just so that you can move to a new level or serve more customers. The cloud provides low-cost, fast software upgrades. When newer servers come out, your managed service provider is responsible for purchasing and installing them. You get all the perks with none of the financial responsibility.
  5. Multiple Locations: Want to build a new branch in Ohio? You may have staff working from various offices in other states or even other countries. For that to work, you need a single solution that supports your workforce from any location. Wherever they are, your people need access to the same email features, storage, documents, phone system, support and other services. A cloud solution can easily be deployed regionally or globally. It should provide the same professional experience for staff and customers alike. Can your current technology do that?
  6. Data Redundancy and Replication: Your managed IT service provider will maintain multiple copies of your files, apps and documents at data centers in various geographic locations. If the data center in Texas is demolished by a flash flood, you’ll still have copies of your records at other locations. There’s very little probability that every data center will be destroyed simultaneously. This gives you the confidence you need to do business regardless of malware attacks, hurricanes or employee fraud. Your data remains safe no matter what.
  7. Improved Security: Data stored in the cloud is much safer than when stored on local servers. Your managed service provider will make sure that all data and systems are protected through a layered approach to security that is also proactive. IT professionals know what to look for and they’ve seen everything. They prepare for hackers and ransomware attacks as if they could happen today. And with a significant rise in the number of cyber-attacks, there’s every reason to take a strong approach to security.
  8. Scalability: Do you have seasons where business is slow? Many companies experienced a big rush during the Christmas holidays. Scaling your technology up and down used to be a big deal. It was time-consuming and expensive. Your IT department might have to work around the clock to get everything ready for massive uptakes in orders. But with the cloud, that’s no longer a factor. You can scale up and down with ease. That’s real convenience and it’s cost-efficient. No more stressing out during certain times of the year. You’re prepared for whatever the world throws at you.

Are you ready to learn more about why cloud technology is recommended for today’s fast-growing businesses? Managed IT Services and cloud computing from ICS will give your business the edge it needs to grow. Contact us! We serve Houston, San Antonio and Austin with best-in-class cloud services for small and mid-sized businesses.