Innovative Managed IT Services In Houston

A key element in your company’s success is understanding how technology can help you reach your business goals. With the right technology in place, you can improve your processes and protocols, create a secure digital perimeter around your organization, and engage with your customers or business partners more efficiently. Without technology, you’ll find that all of these objectives becomes more challenging.

If you are ready to use technology to leverage your business operations, then ICS can help. We offer advanced managed IT services in Houston for small, mid-size, and larger business in nearly any industry. We can help you develop a strategy that does more than just solves problems. Our technology can also become a catalyst that prepares you to handle massive growth in every facet of your business.

How Do Managed IT Services in Houston Help YOUR Business?

Managed IT is reshaping how companies do business, provide protection for their digital assets, and serve their customers. ICS understands modern business and provides the appropriate response to meet your technology needs. How?

  • Ongoing security assessments

  • IT consulting

  • Disaster recovery and prevention

  • Data backup and restoration

  • Comprehensive on-site and cloud server management

  • Mobile and desktop device management and upgrades

  • Wireless network integration and management

  • Help desk services with on-call customer support

The overarching goal of managed IT service to provide you with a complete IT package that covers your entire technology infrastructure regardless of whether your employees are on-site or remote. Managed IT addresses all the segments of your business: cloud services, cybersecurity, communication, and productivity.

What Are the Benefits of Managed IT Services?

Full IT Team Support

You enlist a team of IT consultants and specialists that offer a wide range of training, expertise, and skill. Each member of our IT is certified in areas that are crucial for your operation. Whatever issue arises in your company, we have an IT expert that can handle it fast.

Proactive, Not Reactive IT

Reactive solutions to IT problems can no longer sustain a business. You need more from your IT company if you are going to make it to the next level. ICS does more than just fix IT problems. We develop strategies that keep the problems from happening in the first place. We understand how crucial business continuity is in your organization. We develop plans and backup plans for keeping your business running at all times. Therefore, if any problems do arise, we can handle them quickly on site or through our remote Help Desk services.

Investment Solutions, Not Costs

In the past, IT was viewed as just another expense. Today, ICS can help you utilize your technology so that it becomes an investment in your company’s growth. How can you use IT software and hardware to gain a foothold over the competition? How can the technology propel you into the future?

Responsive Help Desk

Any time you have an issue or a question regarding your IT, you can simply email our office or create a ticket via the desktop app. Our on-call technicians will respond quickly to your inquiry and help you find a solution fast. We can handle most issues from our remote help desk so that you don’t have to wait. However, we also have technicians that are ready to arrive onsite if you need further assistance.

No Risk Trial

Let ICS provide your Houston Managed IT Support for 90 days and you can cancel the contract during those 90 days with no hassle. ICS is confident we can earn your business and trust during these 90 days.

Cloud Hosting: Simplifying Your Digital Platform

These days, everything happens in the cloud, a SaaS digital platform where each member of your team gathers to collaborate, share, create, and explore. Since clouds are virtual, they allow people to work together from anywhere on the planet.

We can help you make the most of your cloud platform through our cloud hosting service. ICS provides solutions for voice and data in the true cloud and hybrid cloud platforms. Using the cloud, we perform functions such as integrating your processes into Microsoft 365, storing your data into our Datto Cloud, or by sampling your servers in your desired colocation facility. We also utilize our personal cloud application for hosted VoIP phones.

Why use cloud technology from ICS?

  • Consistent and reliable performance

  • Cost-effective additional features and applications

  • Drastic reduction in hardware use and management

  • Automatic seamless application updates

  • Operational vs. capital expenditure

  • Increased data security

Why Choose Flat-Fee Managed IT Services?

A flat-fee service gives you a clear picture of how much you will spend on managed IT services and what you can afford. ICS can help you put together a workable budget and give you a bottom-line figure of how much you will invest to keep your company secure. We can offer a simplified flat-fee service and tell you precisely where your investment is going. Through a proactive approach, we can drastically cut down on any guesswork associated with our service – more specifically any problems that will eat into your operating budget.

We are proud to offer flat-fee IT support and services for a number of trusted brands such as HP, Dell, Microsoft, Toshiba, and others to ensure complete comfort with any forms of technology. With expertise in all of the most up-to-date technology and years of experience in some of the most enduring brands, we are ready to offer trusted assistance.

Schedule a Consultation with an ICS IT Expert Today

ICS provides a comprehensive flat-fee rate for our managed IT and communication services. To find out more about how we can help your business with your IT needs, contact us today at (866) 427-4722. You can also message us on our contact page.

Eric C
Eric C
20:28 13 Jun 19
Quick Response time, very knowledgeable, friendly customer service & they get the job done!
Tara Warne
Tara Warne
16:46 06 Jun 19
Chris Hudson with ICS was a huge help in solving the issue with our server. He was able to troubleshoot and locate the problem and get it corrected so that we could get back to working asap! Great customer service and clear communication skills as well.
A/C Technical Services
A/C Technical Services
21:07 05 Jun 19
Chris called immediately after service ticked was placed. Addressed all issues promptly, efficiently with a pleasant attitude. Thanks Chris!!
Green Bean
Green Bean
23:29 31 May 19
I have been nothing more than impressed every time I've dealt with ICS, there friendly knowledgeable and always seem to meet my deadlines no matter how demanding they are. Seriously what other company can move an entire company's infrastructure in 24 hours Without any hiccups. I have used there IT services for a little over a year and a half now to handle all my IT infrastructure servers, routers ,switches and all i can say is I highly recommend them for any of your IT needs.