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More and More businesses have turned to VoIP (voice over internet protocol) services for their phone service provider. Businesses across Texas are taking advantage of voice over IP because of all the services that come with it.

The phone service runs through the internet making it a lot cheaper way than the old pots (plain old telephone service) unlike the pots you do not have to be sitting by your desk to receive calls, you can have your phone ring to several numbers at one time and have it set up for your voice mail be forwarded to your e-mail address and listen to them through your e-mail.

You can get as many lines as you need for your business without having to do any kind of rewiring. One of the best VoIP business providers in Texas is ICS, they offer a couple different business plans that I am sure you will find one that works for you.

No matter if you have a small or larger business you will find this VoIP service is much cheaper than that of the old services and include many features, some you may never even heard of and will wonder how your business done without them.

Another great thing about the VoIP service is you never have to worry about the wiring and paying for someone to come in if something was to happen to them.

If you have been thinking about using VoIP to lower the costs and increase the efficiency of your Texas based business, then consider using ICS. ICS has several offices across Texas to serve your needs.

Here is a list of the ICS VoIP offices located in Texas: