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IT companies HoustonAs computing power increases, the tendency for most companies, including IT companies in Houston, is to continually add to the amount of data that they store daily. Holding such a large amount of data is a result of wanting to monitor and measure every aspect of processing. While not everything may be required, it is a huge endeavor to have to go through old files and decide what should be kept and what can be deleted. Unfortunately, what tends to happen instead is that businesses increase their storage solutions in an effort to lessen the urgency to find a better way of managing the data, which is what is really required. Reliance is then put onto an IT team to try to look after the data and prepare for disaster recovery situations so that it can be restored if necessary— this just results in continual inefficiencies throughout a company. So, while the data kept by businesses continues to increase, how can it be stored, processed, and managed more effectively?

Reduce the Data Required

Commonly, most data that is stored is duplicated in some way. For example, raw data is often shared between different departments with all of them, reporting on and adding to it. Then, all of that data from all of the departments is kept, wasting the additional power and space required to store repeated information. Ideally, this data should be reduced so that the unique data is only stored once, and this can usually be carried out by virtualization so that all departments can use the same set of basic data. This results in reduced processing times, making business performance much more efficient and disaster recovery and backups simpler and faster, as well.

AI May Be Able to Help

Sorting through already stored data to decide on which is obsolete and which is still critical is a time-consuming job. However, IT companies in Houston report that there are inroads being made into AI and machine learning so that the AI can spot which parts of the stored data are rarely or never used. It is obviously impossible to program a computer to be able to decide which data is and which isn’t important; it still requires a human to be discerning enough with enough knowledge of the business to make those final decisions. However, in this way, the AI can still cut down on the massive amount of data that needs to be checked so that possible obsolescence can be suggested.

If you are worried about the increasing amount of data that you have to hold and its knock-on effect with extra storage solutions and maintenance, then you need one of the leading IT companies in Houston to help you manage it. There comes a time when it will not be commercially viable to keep buying larger and larger data storage equipment, you need to be able to manage it effectively and cut down on the amount that is held. Contact us now at ICS so that you can stop worrying about increased expenses connected with data storage, and your IT team can get back to what they do best instead of trying to keep a handle on data management initiatives.