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CAT5e cables are the most common form of Ethernet cable type to be found in an office setting is an excellent way to propagate a network of users. Low cost and requiring the least amount of time to install makes for a very flexible environment.

In a business setting you’d commonly find them connecting the users in an office to a centralized router in a very orderly setting making it easy for tech support to quickly swap out cables if they should go bad. At any office setting you can instantly setup quickly with a CAT5e cable because they are easy to make from scratch as well as being at very low cost.

Ethernet solutions have priority over Wireless solutions because they can maintain the same speed without the possibility of slow down since the cables are grounded. Any wireless solution would only hinder the Small office because the distance or any blockage would deter signal strength. With a wired solution you’re able to expand up to 100 meters and maintain the same or relative throughput.

CAT5e cables being low cost would make far cheaper then having all wireless devices able to connect to the WIFI network since they may or may not require a wireless network interface card to be installed in said user device and with a wired network you’d possibly only need to connect to the already installed Network Interface Card which is prevalent on more than two thirds of the computers on the planet.

These reasons make Category 5e cables the most useful cables in business. For more information about CAT5e and cabling, please see the links below.

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