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Twisted wire cables are the most widely used medium of data transmission. Four wires in Cat 6 cables are twisted together to form a single cable. Each pair consists of a wire which carry a positive and a negative signal. Wires are color coded to identify them. Insulation to electrical interference is provided by twisted the wires together. More the twists better the noise interference reduction. Noise reduction is further improved by adding another layer of foil or copper wire shield around the twister cables. Cat 6 cable has more turns per foot than Cat 3 and 5 cables.

Cat 6 It is a form of twisted wire cable which consists of four wire pairs, each wrapped in foil insulation. Additional foil insulation covers the twisted pairs which are then covered by a plastic sheath. The foil insulation provides excellent resistance and enables signals rate of 250 MHz .CAT 6 can provide data rate from 4 to 10 Gbps and up to distances of 100m.

CAT 6 cable offers following advantages
• Wide use
• Industry acceptance
• Ease of installation
• Substantial bandwidth
• Low cost

Main use of Cat 6 cables

  • Gigabit Ethernet, it uses all four pairs
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