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IT companies in HoustonEvery business is unique in what it offers to clients and customers. With this in mind, it’s important to be sure that the type of IT specialist you hire to handle your IT needs is a perfect match for your business. The process of selecting from the different IT service providers can be confusing. There are three main types of IT companies in Houston that offer specific services: break-fix, project-oriented, and managed IT service providers. Here’s a breakdown of the services offered for each type of provider.

Break-Fix IT Service Providers

As the name suggests, break-fix IT service providers are the go-to IT providers you’d ordinarily call to fix a problem with your system. These IT specialists offer one-off or on-demand services to their clients. Break-fix IT specialists generally help remove viruses, restore crashed systems or repair machines with mechanical problems. They’re beneficial in that you’ll only pay them when you need them.

Project-Oriented IT Service Providers

Project-oriented IT service providers specialize in handling one-time IT services such migrating your IT system from a traditional platform to a cloud-based network, setting up a new network system or installing a VoIP system. Although project-oriented IT service providers and break-fix both offer a one-off service for businesses, the former has a much wider scope than the latter. Hiring a project-oriented IT service provider is beneficial when they have the expertise and software needed to handle IT-related projects. Hiring them ensures that you don’t spread your IT team or other employees too thin.

Managed IT Service Providers

Only a few IT companies in Houston specialize in managed IT services. These IT service providers offer an ongoing service to businesses at a predetermined monthly fee. Managed service providers (MSPs) are an excellent choice for small business owners who either have a small IT department or no IT department at all. Hiring an MSP ensures security and stability since this service includes not only hardware support but also software and system backups.

Contracting MSPs to handle your IT functions frees you of that responsibility and allow yourself sufficient time to focus on the core functions of your business. Since monthly fees are predetermined, you can easily budget without having to worry about fluctuations.

Outsourcing your IT functions to an MSP means quality expertise, skill, and state-of-the-art technology. With an MSP, you’ll get the benefit of full-time IT services at a fraction of the cost. MSPs also provide network security and the latest upgrades.

Choosing a service provider from IT companies in Houston has its benefits. At ICS, we offer both break-fix IT services and repairs, as well as managed IT services. Contact us todayย and let us help meet your IT service needs.