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Cloud Phone System

One of the biggest headaches for most IT managers is the lack of time. They’re often working with a small team of people and yet they have a wide range of important tasks that must get done each day.

If you’re an IT manager, then you know how it goes. It’s Monday. The network is having problems, you’re short-staffed, you have requests for help from several workstations. How will you get all that done in just one day’s time? Your phone won’t stop ringing.

This is not an isolated incident either. It happens every week. Some of the computers begin having problems with their operating system, there’s a power fluctuation causing issues in the accounting department—the list goes on and on. And many IT departments are small and understaffed. There’s seemingly nothing you can do. You and your team go to work each morning and do as much as you can. Often, you’re there working past 5pm.

Ready for a Change?

If this sounds like you, then there’s good news. You can eliminate one of those annoying problems by replacing your phone system. Small and medium size businesses are moving their business communications system to the cloud. Cloud communications are highly dependable. In fact, they require almost no maintenance. Even if you have multiple departments throughout the company and dozens of phones, your cloud phone system will always be virtually maintenance free.

For businesses that rely heavily upon their telephones each day, this is really the only option to consider. You simply can’t afford to have your phones working sporadically. Poor reception is a thing of the past when you use cloud technology. And, you can standardize communications across the entire organization. Your cloud phones will integrate well with all the other components of your IT infrastructure.

Cloud phone systems offer clear, reliable connections. You won’t have to worry about missing calls or poor call quality due to outdated telephony equipment.

Adding New Locations or Workstations is Easy

Even if your company opens up several new locations, it’s easy to install a new cloud phone system at each location. You’ll have no conflict issues and all employees will already know how to use everything. With cloud communications, updates are automatic and free. That means you’ll always be using the latest telephony technology.

Consider the Benefits of Cloud Communications

Cloud phone systems are highly customizable so they can be set up to provide all the features that matter most to your business. And, when you deploy a cloud phone system, you can transfer most of the support and maintenance to the vendor. ICS has a highly experienced team of communications experts who can handle any and all maintenance issues for you. Your IT personnel will be freed up to focus on more important issues. And that’s good news for most IT departments.

Predictable Monthly Rates

Our cloud phone system can be set-up and installed as a service that you pay one predictable monthly fee for. In this scenario, the expense is considered an operating expense instead of a capital expenditure. That gives you a good tax break in many cases. You’ll have no large out-of-pocket expenses to worry about. Use your operating capital for something else.

Mitel Provides Top-Notch Cloud Communications

ICS works with one of the world’s leading cloud phone providers, Mitel. With a Mitel cloud phone system, you’ll enjoy the best features and functionalities available. Plus, the ICS team will be responsible for all maintenance and problem-solving. You’ll lower your total cost of operations while enjoying the very best communications system on the market today.

ICS is a valued partner with Mitel. We’ll be happy to speak with you to learn exactly what your company needs in terms of communications and then recommend the best cloud phone system for your business.

Mitel offers a full range of high-quality cost-effective business communication solutions for small single location businesses and large organizations with multiple nationwide offices.

For more information about Mitel products or services and how they can benefit your organization, please call us at (866)-427-4722 or Contact us! We serve Houston, San Antonio and Austin with best-in-class managed IT services including unified communications systems.