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Cloud Technologies

Can You Build New Revenue Streams With The Cloud? You Bet!

Today, you’ll find technology to support any type of business concept but it comes with a huge price tag. There are large capital expenditures, expensive fixed-labor costs, and the cost of upgrades.

Is there a way around all these expensive headaches? Yes! The answer can be found in the cloud. With cloud technology, you pay one fixed monthly fee for access to all the hardware and software resources you need.

You can scale up or down as needed. You’ll always have the newest hardware and software for the same monthly cost. Add to that 24/7 support and services to minimize downtime.

Imagine the cost of building and supporting a traditional IT infrastructure. In the past, this was out of the question for small businesses and start-ups. If you have a new company that’s just getting off the ground, every dollar counts. You can’t afford to waste a single penny.

With the cloud, all those IT expenses can be controlled. Let’s look at the ways.

OpEx versus CapEx: Capital Expenditures (CapEx) are paid for up front and you’ll see a gradual return over the following months and years. Operating Expenses (OpEx) are pay-as-you-go costs. OpEx can be written off as a business expense each month.

Disaster recovery: With the increase in natural disasters, you must have a solid disaster recovery plan in place. Small businesses that handle their IT infrastructure in-house are often lacking in this area. They aren’t prepared when a disaster does strike. Some businesses never do fully recover. You need a strong business continuity plan so that even if the worst happens, you can get back up and running in no time. The cloud gives you a reliable data backup system, redundancy and the ability to restore your files, applications, programs, operating systems, settings, and more when necessary.

Labor: You have to provide equitable salaries, vacation time, paid holidays and more for regular full-time employees. You might spend months getting someone trained for your IT department only to have them quit without notice. These are headaches that most business owners wish they could avoid.

Even if you have minimal in-house support, emergency on-call break/fix services are expensive, and cannot always respond fast enough to eliminate downtime. With the cloud, the labor and support for your infrastructure is included in your monthly fee. You can say good-bye to unexpected IT costs. If you have a small in-house IT team, they can focus on strategic IT planning for the future to boost profits and create growth opportunities.

Additional cloud benefits: There are lots of small advantages that people don’t consider right away such as a reduction in required office space. The energy to power servers can be enormous. You must keep the server room cooler to boot. That means your electric bill will go down. You’ll have one less group of employees to worry about.

There’s a whole lot more! Moving to the cloud can take a lot of worries off your plate so you can focus on running your company and building new revenue streams. If you’re ready to learn more, we’re available to answer questions. Simply give us a call!


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