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LifeSize Control offers a simple, all-encompassing system for video conferencing that can be fully integrated into an existing IT network, including Microsoft Exchange. The video conference software by LifeSize opens directly in a web browser and offers a solution for managing video systems from multiple venders seamlessly and simultaneously. The easy-to-read interface allows for administration to handle the entire video network on a one-page dashboard.

Not only does LifeSize Control video software perform real-time monitoring, it also includes web-based Smart Scheduler. The Smart Scheduler, when combined with Automatic Call Establishment, leaves no room for error is establishing video network associations from endpoint to endpoint and the infrastructure in-between. If using Microsoft Exchange, the Smart Scheduler allows individuals to schedule meetings and allocate resources just as they always have. LifeSize Control takes over the process in the background.

Lifesize Control Video Conferencing always keeps administrators informed with real-time active alarms and full reporting. The reporting system offers graphs and figures to track usage. Service level agreements and associated costs are also analyzed. Reports can be scheduled on a regular basis and delivered in PDF format for easy delivery to a specified email address. The reports can be viewed on any computer or even a smartphone.

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