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managed IT services San AntonioYour company is at a turning point. Do you start building your own internal IT department or should you start looking for a provider of managed IT services in San Antonio? It is a momentous occasion, because it means your company is growing and gaining momentum. Which choice will be best for your business?

What Advantages Can a Managed Service Provider (MSP) Bring to Your Company?

  • Better security – The number of cybersecurity threats continues to rise. You may think that a smaller company is not going to get attacked. The truth is, companies of all sizes are targets for hackers. MSPs have the tools and knowledge to secure your company’s digital assets.
  • Deeper talent pool – It can be difficult to assemble an IT staff that can handle all the challenges of a growing business. With a managed IT services in provider in San Antonio, that’s not a problem. They have a deep pool of talent their customers can use as needed, without the overhead costs of hiring them as employees.
  • Higher productivity – You are supposed to be spending time on building your business, not worrying when the next IT outage happens. When you let an MSP deal with those issues, it will take a load off your mind and let you focus where you need to be.
  • Effective disaster recovery – Can your business recover in the face of a disaster? Disasters can appear in many forms: a fire in the server room, a successful ransomware attack, or a natural disaster that destroys your building. With an MSP, you have an experienced partner that can help you plan for such disasters and help you recover when they occur.

Managed IT services are advantageous for many companies due to these advantages. However, these services don’t work for every company. If you want to determine if your company would benefit from managed services, you need to talk with an expert. Contact us now at ICS. We are the leading managed IT services provider in San Antonio businesses depend on.