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What is IT Outsourcing?

Houston IT companiesHouston IT companies often provide technology in a managed way which can be termed outsourcing. A managed service provider (MSP) takes over the technological responsibility of your business. It becomes their prerogative, at a monthly fee, to ensure all systems are operational, secured, functional, and upgraded as necessary. Upgrade options, and other tech innovation, can be determined by clients— though MSPs are apt to offer certain protections or upgrades as mandatory components of their services.

If you were a healthcare business, the MSP you work with is under something called “shared liability.” This means if you transgress a HIPAA regulation incidentally, they’re fined as well. Accordingly, to avoid being fined, MSPs will ensure their operational provisions are in line with HIPAA. This could go against the wishes of certain clients, which would prompt a given MSP to work with other businesses in order to preserve their assets. Generally, you’re not going to have these kinds of issues, but there are basic service provision thresholds that may specify one MSP over another.

Why Outsourced Tech Solutions Conserve Resources

Regardless, working with outsourced tech support is a strategy that’s apt to save your business— large or small— tens of thousands of dollars annually. Houston IT companies can help you maximize on-site equipment, make a total cloud shift, and employ IoT for greatest operational visibility. With IoT, cloud computing, Big Data, and other aspects of modern managed services, you’re able to build a more comprehensive picture of operations allowing you to augment as necessary.

Such augmentation can help you sequentially scale-up in terms of technological solutions. The cutting edge moves forward at 18-month increments in accordance to a pattern Gordon Moore discovered decades ago. Every 18 months, computational ability doubles on itself. Four becomes eight, eight becomes 16, etc. If you don’t maintain the latest in technological solutions for your business, you’ll not only reduce your competitive presence in the market, you may become unable to compete entirely.

Now, the trend is cloud-computing and other decentralized computational solutions. But these conserve resources— outsourced servers can save as much as $100k or more annually even for small businesses, once collateral costs like on-staff tech personnel are factored into the TCO. MSP’s will give you all the same service, and better, at a reduced cost.

Streamlining Your Business

Houston IT companies like ICS can give your business the tools it needs to survive a turbulent, continuously shifting market. Contact us for managed service solutions that will help your business cut out unnecessary costs while expanding its optimized service provision, ultimately yielding better results for less cost.