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managed IT services San AntonioHaving reliable and efficient business phone systems in San Antonio is an absolute necessity for any serious business. Most deals are closed over the phone, and it is a vital line of communication and answering customer inquiries. If you are already using VoIP, you know the great advantages it has over a traditional phone line. It works with your internet connection and has increased functionality and features for better communication. To maximize your service even further, you should consider using a single MSP for both your VoIP services and your managed IT services in San Antonio. The benefits of making this kind of switch are looked at below:

Benefits of Managed VoIP Services from Your IT Provider

There are a number of great advantages when you rely on your MSP to provide your phone service, as well:

  • Reduces your administrative work – When you are having multiple companies offering you IT-related services, it only adds to your administrative work. You have to stay on top of who is who and who is providing what. It is further complicated when their services overlap. This disconnect can lead to excessive downtime and even some confusion.
  • Benefits of existing business relationship – When you have been working with a company that provides managed IT services in San Antonio for some time, they understand how your business operates and what is important to you. It makes sense for them to also provide your VoIP service because they are the most familiar with your business and your network. It also saves on the time it takes for a new business to get oriented with who you are as a business.
  • Additional monitoring services – Your MSP can make sure that your phone lines work effectively, the audio quality is great, and there is limited downtime. They can quickly address any challenges and are ready to troubleshoot when needed. They understand and run your network. They can also provide remote monitoring which is a much-needed proactive approach to maintaining phone service reliability.


Choosing the right business phone system can boost your business communications. You need clear lines; you cannot afford to have dropped calls and breaks becoming the norm. You need a complete package that is personalized, reliable, and effective. If you are looking for managed IT services in San Antonio, including managed VoIP, at ICS, we have the experience and expertise. Contact us now for more information.