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IT services HoustonIT services providers in Houston provide help desk support that doesn’t take 10 hours and all your peace of mind to acquire. There are some help desks that just aren’t worth the time it takes to call them. There are others that can save your business thousands–or even tens of thousands–while diminishing operational complication and securing you in a proactive way. Did you know that up to 70% of issues can be solved remotely? If, that is, you’ve got the right MSP providing the right kind of help desk services. Following are four considerations worth taking into account before you acquire help desk support:

  • Continuous Availability
  • US-Based Support
  • A Reasonable SLA Resolution Time
  • Realistic, Affordable Pricing

Continuous Availability

The IT services provider in Houston you choose should provide help desk solutions that are available around-the-clock and every day of the year–yes, that includes holidays. Today’s environment requires continuous availability; there’s just no way around it. So, you need to secure that with your help desk support. Be upfront about it. Tell your MSP that the help desk support you need must be 24/7/365, or you can’t work with them.

US-Based Support

This isn’t about political correctness, it’s about the successful functionality of your business. It doesn’t matter how skilled and available a given help desk may be if you can’t understand what they’re saying. You need representatives who can communicate and won’t be stuck on a script. The language gap is real; you can’t gloss over that with a political ideal. If you’re a German-based company, you want a German help desk. If you’re based out of India, those who speak Punjabi are probably who you need. If you’re in the U.S., you want native English speakers.

A Reasonable SLA Resolution Time

SLA refers to Service Level Agreement. Whatever help desk solution you choose should provide a reasonable SLA that gets you the help you need when you need it. You’ve got to read the fine print on this one because a sub-par help desk can coast on easily resolvable issues, then balk when something big comes, and hide behind a sub-par SLA to excuse bad service delivery. Avoid this by establishing the needs of your service level right away. If the SLA isn’t up to your standards, then you’ve got to either insist on increased service level or find another help desk solution.

Realistic, Affordable Prices

Last, but certainly not least, whatever help desk solution you choose must be properly affordable. If you have everything you want, but the recurrent cost is more than your business’s profit, then your help desk really isn’t helping you. In order to overcome that, again, be upfront. Tell the potential provider what your budget is, where you’re willing to go, and whatever else you find important in this regard.

Securing a Reasonable Help Desk

IT services in Houston from ICS provide reasonably-priced help desk support, an SLA that will render you the assistance you need in the time you need it, US-based help desk personnel who you can understand on the phone, and availability around-the-clock throughout the year. Contact us now to safeguard your operations through help desk support in a way that you can rely on continuously.