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Optimize Your Setting For Each And Every Company Meeting

The modern business world has changed a lot over the past few years.

You can’t expect your meetings, no matter how important they are, to take place entirely in person. Remote workers and long-distance business contacts have made the business workplace hybrid, and your technology needs to keep up.

Is your staff still struggling with low quality collaboration between management and remote workers or Account Executives and customers?

If so, then you need a cutting-edge conference room. Allow us to help…

Company Meeting
Cutting Edge Conference Room

ICS Will Build Your Cutting-Edge Conference Room

ICS has extensive expertise in developing robust, modern meeting spaces for businesses like yours. Whether everyone can meet in the same room or not, we will help you build an environment that meets your needs by integrating a range of key technologies to ensure you can connect, present and discuss effectively in a hybrid working model.

ICS Supports Your Preferred Solutions & Vendors

Microsoft Office Teams
middle atlantic products

Industry-Leading A/V Technology

Solutions designed

Solutions designed with simplicity in mind. You should not need your IT Manager in the room to hold a conference call.


Connect with coworkers and key contacts using intuitive and seamless tabletop meeting solutions.

Stream video

Stream high-quality video and view high-resolution feeds through carefully installed and maintained A/V streaming systems and premier monitors.

Schedule meetings

Schedule meetings with your preferred cloud platform and integrate them directly with your AV hardware in any one of your meeting spaces.

conference room

Have your conference room constantly monitored so that you know your technology is working when you need it.


Don’t Settle For A
Less-Than-Perfect Meeting Space

Meetings are too important to cut corners on.

When your team comes together to talk about your business’ future or make an important proposal to a new client, you don’t want to have to deal with IT issues.

Our team has extensive experience designing robust technology systems that form the foundation of conference rooms—get in touch with ICS to get started.

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