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Take a look at what one customer thought about a Toshiba business phone system provided to them by ICS.

“When ICS gave me a demo of the Strata CIX 200 I took notice because of the brand name Toshiba. Once I saw what the system had to offer, I was hooked, and purchasing them for my business was the best decision I’ve made in regard to our telecommunications. The CIX 200 has yet to fail any of our employees. It takes the caller straight to the correct agent and everyone loves the file saving capabilities and interaction to our computers. The ability to customize the communications of the CIX 200 with our wireless IP handsets and connecting to (personally) my PDA is fantastic. I approve greatly of this system. It has even corrected human errors that our secretary used to make with connecting calls to agents. It is easy to use and with a little training and some reading up on the manual all of my employees are now fully capable of using the Strata CIX 200. Efficiency has been reported to of increased throughout my business and I couldn’t have invested my money in a better system. I would recommend this system to anyone.”


Clark D.

San Antonio, TX

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