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Data and Voice Disaster Planning

IT Support HoustonData backups is only one part of a very complex issue when it comes to disaster planning. Especially when you are discussing the IT aspects of disaster planning. The only thing more expensive than your disaster plan, is the disaster that happens without an adequate plan. In today’s business environment, one of the most valuable items in every business is its data.

A proper IT data backup and disaster plan should include all of the following:

  • Plans to access/restore data if anything should happen to your data and/or hardware. All types of data issues should be considered:
    • Data loss due to fire, flood, rain, etc…
    • Data loss due to hardware failure
    • Data corruption
    • Viruses
    • Data loss due to hacks
    • Data loss due to human error
  • Communications plan with clients in case of short or long-term outages. All of the following items need a strategic plan:
    • Phone calls
    • E-mail
    • Customer Quotes
    • Invoices

Completing the Plan

A lot of companies find these tasks either so daunting or so expensive they never get done until it’s too late. The ICS team can help you cost effectively accomplish your IT and Voice disaster plans. From managed cloud images of your data to hosted VoIP solutions, ICS provides everything from the hardware, software and professional services. Just contact us to find out how we can help!