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Why Is Data Cabling So Important for Austin Businesses?

It doesn’t matter how flashy, new, and expensive the desktop computers, or enterprise-class routers, or feature-rich telephones are in your IT environment if the cabling isn’t installed and managed properly. It keeps everything connected and communicating. The data cabling makes up one of the most vital parts of your IT infrastructure in Austin.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that the data cabling of your Austin company is set up effectively from the start. Whether you’re moving to a new office and need to upgrade its network of cables, or have been struggling with an unreliable network for years now and know it’s time for a change, it needs to be handled properly.

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Data Cabling in Austin

Data Cabling Services in Austin
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Data Cabling Solutions Provided in Austin By ICS

In order to avoid having to re-cable your data networks in the near future, we keep the following three considerations in mind:

Plan Carefully

Given how fast technology is evolving, you have to consider what type of cabling will support your needs as far down the road as possible and weigh that against current factors like your scope, budget, and time frame. Each type of cable – Cat5e, Cat6m, Cat6a, fiber, etc. – has a different spec. The higher the spec, the longer the cable will last.

By considering the spec and what it offers you in terms of longevity while you’re still planning, we better predict when you’ll have to upgrade your data cabling next.

Do It Right The First Time

There are two big missteps that Austin businesses make all the time when it comes to their data cabling.

The first is that they think all boxes of cable are the same, without doing any research or consulting with an expert. In fact, there is a range of qualities of cable and specifications. Purchasing cheap cable material today can have long-term effects on speed, lost data, and network functionality.

The second misstep is that they the least expensive labor they can find. Generally, this labor does not know the general specifications for cable installation. Cables are installed on top of light fixtures, with too many kinks in the cable or poor termination at the jack or data termination points.

In both cases, the businesses in question make these mistakes because they want to save money, and they underestimate the importance and complexity of data cabling. But more often than not, they end up spending more on fixing mistakes, redoing the process, and investing in additional cabling not too far into the future.

Test, Test, Test

The best way to know the state and value of your data cabling infrastructure is to have it thoroughly tested. Whether you’re moving into a new building or adding additional cables to your existing office space, make sure all of your cable is tested for termination, speed, and throughput.

Often, the least expensive options don’t have the technology on hand to test cabling infrastructure (as it’s very expensive). By working with the ICS team of data cabling experts in Austin, you can get your infrastructure tested to make sure it will meet your needs.

As with any important investment, you only want to pay for your data cabling once. Be sure to plan carefully, invest properly, and test your cabling – that way you won’t have to repeat the process again sometime soon. ICS will help.

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Data Cabling Services In Austin

ICS employs quality and knowledgeable technicians which will show in the work that they do. Recently a company I work for part-time moved into a 20-year-old building with wonky wiring – and not only did they complete the challenge they did it in less time than estimated. They got the phone system transferred and working as if it never left the previous building. I was truly impressed. I would feel confident having ICS work on any telecommunications systems in the future.

Ryan Fisher

I called Innovative Communication Systems (ICS) when I needed help with the Mitel phone system at the company I work for. I was extremely stressed because I wasn’t sure what to do and didn’t know what headache this would cause me. The staff at ICS were extremely helpful, patient, and made the process quick and painless for me. The quality of work they do is wonderful and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. They made my job easier! I’m very happy with the service I received.

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