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Data, fiber and wireless infrastructure lays the groundwork for how a company’s information is transported, making it essential that your cabling infrastructure will meet your needs not only today, but well into the future.

ICS can install and test CAT 5e, CAT 6a or CAT 7 cable as well as fiber data infrastructure to ensure that your San Antonio workplace has the quickest infrastructure for operations. We understand the value of installing cable to exact specifications, because we also provide inclusive IT and VoIP services. Our cabling projects have a professional appearance and carry accurate labeling, and everything is tested to guarantee you stay worry-free about your office’s data cabling or fiber network in the midst of a move or upgrade.

Data Cabling Fit for Your Needs

Our experts work with a wide variety of cable types throughout the San Antonio area that can be customized to meet your specific needs. In addition, there are a number of ethernet cable types available for your needs, and we want to ensure that your data cabling is the best fit.

ICS also works with Wireless and Fiber to help our San Antonio customers extend cable further than 100 meters, or to connect buildings together with the best solutions. We are experts in assisting with the design to ensure that a wireless point-to-point solution makes the most sense for your particular situation. We make each experience unique for our customers.

After the installation of your infrastructure cable, we can help you choose the best types of data switches to ensure that your data is not backed up as it leaves your network and travels to the switching and routing layer. As a do-it-all point of contact for San Antonio business, ICS can meet all your technological needs to ensure your projects run smoothly.

ICS even helps San Antonio businesses test and certify their cabling with a report showing that each cable is terminated properly, certified for the corresponding speed and within the length specifications without electromagnetic interference–all with the assistance of our Fluke testing gear.

Customized Voice and Data Cabling Solutions

The ICS experts in San Antonio understand that each business has unique needs and therefore needs customized solutions, which is why we work closely with each customer to come up with the best resources that hold the most value and offer the best options to fit your needs.

Here in San Antonio, there are several types of cable available for businesses, and we turn our years of experience into knowledge that helps you choose the best cable for your needs. We strive to help your workforce enjoy growth while operating smoothly. If proper cabling is not in place, even the greatest technology would be compromised. We want to your business to be certain that you are getting the most out of the voice and data technology in your office.

ICS is available to install and implement the best data or voice cabling to meet your specific needs. To learn more, contact our technology experts today.

CAT 5e and CAT 6 Data Cabling

In our San Antonio market, the most common cabling installations are CAT 5e and CAT 6. A CAT 5e installation offers you a speed of 1 Gigabyte with a distance of 100 meters. It is the least expensive option compared to CAT 6 or CAT 6a; there is generally a 20 percent cost difference between a CAT 5e cabling installation and a CAT 6a cabling installation.

A CAT 6 cabling installation with ICS will afford you 10 Gigabits of speed up to 55 meters, but you will pay a premium for the equipment, installation and labor associated with faster speeds and newer cable.

CAT 6a Data Cabling

Our second most popular option in the San Antonio market is the CAT 6a data cabling installation. This type of cable is much thicker than the CAT 6, and you’ll get 10 Gigabits for a length of 100 meters, with the added benefit of the reduction of crosstalk. This type of data cabling solution is one that will benefit you now and take your workplace far into the digital future, as CAT 6a offers the greatest performance at a long distance.