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IT support HoustonYour IT support provider in Houston should be able to help you deploy a cloud-based operational platform. If they can’t, then you need to find better IT support. Regardless of whether or not your MSP has the ability to properly mete out cloud computing solutions, there are several things you want to look for when it comes to the cloud itself. Some tips are:

  • Know the options available to you
  • Be skillful in your upward scaling
  • Design a plan for disasters
  • Budget properly

Know the Options Available to You

Do you need public cloud solutions, private cloud solutions or hybrid cloud solutions? Will the solutions you employ be used to handle applications? If they aren’t used to handle applications, will they be used to store data? Will you be floating your network on a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution? Will you be using DaaS to facilitate BYOD? How will you use the cloud, and what options do you need? Once you know what you need, look for anything else that could help you going forward.

Be Skillful in Your Upward Scaling

An IT support provider in Houston can help you skillfully design the means by which you can scale your business up. You should have a strategy of your own, but you should also rely on support from professionals. You’ve got to do this incrementally as it’s affordable to do so. It may be wiser to transition operations to the cloud one department at a time or one tech operation at a time–you get the idea.

Design a Plan for Disasters

Disasters happen; that’s just reality. You’re going to have something unexpected knock your operations off their intended track. With cloud computing, there’s something called “data mirroring” that can be used to “reflect” your primary network. This solution can be launched when automatic systems notice a primary network is collapsing. With data mirroring, you lose no data and you lose no operational time while the issue that crashed the primary network is explored. You want backup and data recovery solutions through the cloud— there are some of the best available options out there in this regard. You can have data mirrored, you can have information continuously and automatically backed up, and you can have the security of vetted professionals managing your systems constantly backing you up. Ensure you have a cloud-based disaster preparedness plan in place.

Budget Properly

Know the costs of the cloud, and know the costs of your existing operation before the cloud. Prior to a full transition, you’ll definitely have some cost overlap. If you don’t account for that beforehand, it could impact your ability to function at full capacity. There’s a bit of a rush, but there’s no rush–does that make sense? You want to get on the cloud to remain competitive, but don’t jeopardize your existing operation to do so. Shift with proper levels of gradual transition.

Upgrading Operations

IT support in Houston through ICS can help you cost-effectively transition to the cloud through strategic upscaling, budgetary considerations, exposition of available options and backup solutions. Contact us today to make the switch in a way you can trust.