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IT services San AntonioIT services in San Antonio from a managed services provider (MSP) can essentially offer your operation turnkey technology at a monthly expense that is a fraction of the same kind of service hosted internally. If you haven’t worked with an MSP before but are considering it, the following items could recommend you make the switch:

  • Internal IT costs keep getting bigger
  • Good IT staff are hard to come by
  • Downtime is expanding

Internal IT Costs Keep Getting Bigger

IT services in San Antonio are instrumental in curtailing IT cost expansion. If your internal costs are increasing, there are likely several things driving that increase. Sometimes, you have an increased client load. Sometimes, to properly manage the clients you have, expansion is necessary. Sometimes, your technology is becoming less viable as it is used–most computational solutions like servers and laptops only have a 3-5 year lifespan. There are a lot of reasons your IT costs will expand if your operational core prerogative isn’t IT. If you experience this trend, it is likely time to consider the auspices of an MSP.

Good IT Staff Are Hard to Come By

Owing to innovations like cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT), decentralized computing has become increasingly normative, and tech trends are increasing in that direction. Accordingly, most talented techs try to work with organizations like MSPs for occupational security, leaving second-tier techs for smaller businesses which are more expensive than their utility. Meanwhile, getting good techs costs too much. If you can’t find good help, an MSP could be necessary.

Downtime Is Expanding

Big businesses evaluate downtime at $100k+ per hour. If you’ve got downtime now, you could see these kinds of losses. An MSP that can cut out one hour of downtime so expensive may pay for itself in that hour alone.


An IT services provider in San Antonio like ICS can help you reduce operational expenses and expand competitiveness via managed solutions. Contact us for more information.