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IT support HoustonWhen you are looking for IT support in Houston, you cannot always expect consulting to be part of the package. The IT world sometimes uses vague terminology that blurs traditional job titles and services. “IT services,” for example, spans a very wide spectrum. Here’s a look at different types of IT companies so you know the right questions to ask:

Consultants Advise and Improve

If your business needs technology guidance, you should pursue an IT consultant, rather than a tech firm that doesn’t specify its services. First, you need to verify the consultant has a successful track record of improving both technology and overall business culture. They know from experience how to tighten overheads by recommending appropriate software and solutions to improve productivity.

Consultants can be very effective at protecting your digital assets by implementing several layers of security. Data protection should be a top concern for all companies to guard against cybercrime. Engaging an expert will help you make sure your data is always backed up and a disaster recovery plan in case of an emergency. The best IT consultants are those who live on the cutting edge of technology and strive to improve the quality of businesses.

Software consultants often come from engineering and programming backgrounds and are commonly code writers who advanced to project managers. Be sure to ask about certifications to give you a better idea of the consultant’s scope of knowledge regarding programming languages and development capabilities. Working with the right software consultant can help you build apps for employees, customers, and vendors.

IT Services: Multiple Solutions

The type of IT support team in Houston that bills itself as “IT services” can mean many different things. You need to study the list of services they offer rather than assuming they do everything, unless they claim to be a turnkey solution. Not all companies who market themselves as “IT services” consider themselves to be consulting firms. Many companies come and go, but it’s getting clearer which ones have staying power: typically, these companies have diversified, experienced talent.

Break-Fix Support

A break-fix IT firm is one that fixes technical problems on a case-by-case basis. Small businesses trying to cut corners turn to these repair shops after a problem occurs, instead of employing an IT team to prevents problems from happening through constant monitoring.

One of the main drawbacks of a break-fix solution is that you don’t necessarily know the talent level of support unless you ask. Technicians might be low-paid novices who don’t care much about your business. Another problem is your maintenance bills are unpredictable with a company that charges by the hour. They have no incentive to learn your business quickly; whereas an IT consultant looks to develop long-term relationships by delivering efficient, high-performance solutions.

Choosing your IT support in Houston should be based on knowledge, skill, and experience so technical issues can be resolved quickly. Contact us at ICS to discuss how we can modernize your business and bolster your security.