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IT services San AntonioDigital threats are anything but static. These threats change so much that the digital security safeguards that worked a couple years ago might not suffice today. Digital threats change and improve every single day. If your digital security protections are not updated to handle the new threats, your system will eventually succumb to an attack. Below, IT services experts in San Antonio explain some of the ways in which digital threats are changing:

Digital Threats are Getting Better at Staying Off the Antivirus Radar

Ransomware is now hiding in encrypted traffic to prevent detection. This covert approach makes it that much more challenging to pinpoint ransomware and thwart it before damage is caused to your system. Hackers can use a command and control style attack to conceal the ransomware within cloud-based apps. If you are confused by this approach, you are not alone. Today’s hackers are incredibly advanced. An IT services provider in San Antonio can help you keep your system fully protected as hacking methods continue to improve.

Ransomware is Becoming Just as Much About Leverage as Money

When ransomware first arrived, the primary purpose was to obtain money in the form of bitcoin. Most businesses and other organizations are afraid of the ramifications of lost data, so they give serious consideration to paying the ransom. As these attacks have evolved, the focus has become more on control than money.

Malware is Becoming Even More Autonomous

The earliest versions of malware required the user to click a link in order for it to be installed on the workstation or computer. Today, malware is no longer as dependent on user’s mistake. Malware is becoming more network-based as time progresses. As an example, ransomware can install on one device and move across the network in little time.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Poses Unique Challenges

Web-connected devices are quickly becoming a serious issue for businesses. These devices are especially problematic, considering the rate at which they have been added. Commonly referred to as IoT devices, such luxuries have a dark side in that they can form backdoors when poorly patched. These backdoors have the potential to let unauthorized individuals access the infrastructure. IoT endpoints usually lack the proper security, so they almost always prove to be that much more of a threat to the network.

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