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IT services San AntonioEvery local business should consider using IT services in San Antonio to protect their digital assets. The increase in cyber attacks alone should be concerning enough, along with the fact the region sometimes faces tornadoes. Experienced IT professionals can take various proactive steps to protect your data. Here’s why combining these services with Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) gives you even further protection.

How DRaaS Improves Speed and Security

A primary advantage of DRaaS for companies with sufficient bandwidth is that it provides an agile way to replicate data without disrupting regular business activity. Part of why DRaaS is an efficient data protection strategy is that it lets you replicate your infrastructure without upfront expensive costs. You won’t have to pay for the redundant computing until the site is activated. Using DRaaS means you don’t need your own local backup server, as the cloud service provider will be based at a state-of-the-art data center.

Another reason why businesses have integrated DRaaS into their systems is that it provides encryption, which is an effective way to limit nefarious hacker activity. Businesses can no longer rely on just antivirus software for data protection. Adding an encryption layer of security is one of the most reliable ways to protect data. A DRaaS provider tracks the health of your data recovery in San Antonio and can issue various reports that simplify analysis for your IT team.

Failover Solutions

Your IT services team in San Antonio can play a protective role by monitoring your infrastructure and making failover decisions when necessary. Those decisions can then be carried out with automation that conducts complex tasks quickly. It’s possible to use a completely automated DRaaS solution, but many businesses are cautious about automation technology and want to make sure humans make decisions when the organization faces disruption. Automated scripting can help make disaster recovery a smoother process by handling technical details.

DRaaS services do the work of an IT team in a data restoration scenario without the need to visit your local office. Instead of humans working to restore data incrementally following a disaster, DRaaS offers a faster data recovery solution that only takes a matter of minutes. It also uses fewer operational resources than traditional data recovery methods.

The combination of DRaaS and IT services in San Antonio is an efficient way to maintain business continuity during an emergency. It will save you both time and money should your organization be hit with a cyber attack or power failure. Contact us at ICS to learn more about how we can protect your data so that you can concentrate on running your core business.