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Effects of Misguided Emails and How a Managed Services Provider in San Antonio Can Help You Prevent Them

Sending emails to the wrong address can result in a myriad of security issues. Many people associate email security threats with spam messages, viruses or phishing scams. However, misaddressed emails were the top data security incident in 2017, and this problem is expected to continue into 2018. Merely typing too fast or misspelling an email address can result in severe consequences, so it is essential that employees proofread before they click on the send button. A managed services provider (MSP) in San Antonio can help you prevent this from occurring in your business. Here are just a few of the effects of misguided emails and how an MSP can prevent this common issue:

Consequences of Misdirected Emails

Depending on the email, the consequences of sending a misguided email can range from being no big deal to causing major problems. Sending a private joke to the wrong email address isn’t that big of a deal, but accidentally sending the spreadsheet of your company’s payroll can result in significant issues. However, another threat has risen, and that is the use of “doppelganger domains.” These websites appear to be legitimate and are designed to trick your employees into sending emails to their business and gaining personalized email information. This can result in severe consequences if the email contains confidential information, which can include usernames and passwords of individuals within the company.

How to Prevent Fallout from Misguided Emails

A managed services provider in San Antonio can help your business develop a plan that focuses on keeping your information secure and out of the hands of hackers or unauthorized users. The first step is always creating strong passwords that cannot be easily guessed. These passwords should always be changed on a frequent basis to ensure that an account remains secure. An MSP can also provide additional training regarding email and internet etiquette to ensure that each employee fully understands the importance of always being aware of phishing attempts or suspicious email addresses. Another good idea is always to avoid clicking on any links within an email or opening attachments from unknown senders. An MSP can provide email security technology that uses artificial intelligence to analyze emails and identify any mistakes in an outgoing email before the employee clicks on the send button.

A managed services provider in San Antonio offers many advantages, which include gaining access to technology and additional training sessions that can prevent employees from sending misdirected emails. ICS is an MSP that focuses on cybersecurity and protecting businesses from making simple mistakes that can result in devastating consequences. We understand the importance of keeping information confidential and will help train employees on the ways to identify suspicious emails. Our IT staff is also available at any time to answer any IT-related questions and will provide around-the-clock monitoring to ensure that your business is well-protected. Contact us now if you wish to learn more about email security.