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managed Services San AntonioManaged services providers in San Antonio make it one of their core prerogatives to facilitate effective security. What this means is— keeping abreast of existing trends and “moving with the flow”, as the saying goes. A business that doesn’t have a core prerogative that concerns technology solutions simply cannot do well. If you don’t believe that, just look up Moore’s Law.

Every 18 months, technology exponentially doubles on itself. This doubling makes its way fully to the public in about three years’ time, but hackers use new tech immediately. And with new technology solutions, new vulnerabilities come. This means, though old problems are solved, new ones arise to take their place. Simply seeking to secure operations isn’t enough. You must be on the cutting edge here, or the odds you’ll experience substantial cybercriminal impediment may be almost certain. To that end, five steps to help you regularly hit the moving target of IT security include:

  • Initial setup of a security protocol designed for continual upgrade
  • Regular backup of data
  • Ensuring admin privileges are closely monitored
  • Ensuring all operating apps are white-listed
  • Regularly patching your network’s software

Initial Security Setup

One of the first things a provider of managed services in San Antonio will do is help you establish a security solution that is designed to be upgraded, as well as comprehensive. Antivirus, anti-malware, anti-Trojan programs and protocols will be put into play and updated as necessary. Proactive monitoring is also a plus.

Regular Backup of Data

Cloud computing can make total backup of your data a continuous event, meaning you only lose the time necessary for a reboot if some ransomware scourge slips past the protocols you’ve designed.

Ensure Admin Privileges are Closely Monitored

Who has access to what on your network should be closely protected. Only give trusted, security-educated individuals this information.

Ensure All Operating Apps are White-Listed

Whatever apps you use should be known to be safe for your business. Once safety has been guaranteed, you want such items to be put on a list. This is a “white list” or an “approved list”. Don’t allow any applications to be on your network or to interface with it which aren’t white-listed.

Regular Patching

2017’s North Korean WannaCry attack didn’t affect businesses in the regular practice of applying the most recent patches. Your organization should accordingly ensure patching protocols.

Dependable Security

A managed services provider in San Antonio like ICS can help you comprehensively fill out this security check-list. Contact us now to find out more!