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All of the benefits with none of the contract, Everybody’s Phone Company Inc. has acquired a reselling agreement with Verizon. Everybody’s Phone Company Inc. a known prepaid phone company based inTexas will enable users to skip the formality of a contract in return for a summed cash form. Users will get unlimited local and Verizon network connections as a result, as well as use of service for business phones. However until progress goes underway only residents of Texas will be able to cash in on this.

In the meanwhile Everybody’s Phone Company Inc. is working towards its nationwide service goal, starting with Verizon. This moment in the company’s history is summed up best by its President, Steven H. Bethke, “As a result of our agreement with Verizon, we are creating a portfolio of top-tier telecommunications services that appeal to consumers seeking highly competitive rates for unlimited, local calling services.”

Everybody’s Phone Company Inc. plans to expand its services beyond that of Texas, but no announcement has been made and it’s anticipated to move forward once Everybody’s Phone Company reaches arrangement deals with further telecommunications providers. In the foreseeable future Everybody’s Phone Company Inc. will aim to provide a diverse set of pre paid phone services in order to meet the demand of the current market. Delays may occur in the event of unsuccessful acquisitions for future parties and the event of cash flow issues.
Primarily serving the Houston area, Everybody’s Phone Company Inc. is licensed by TPUC standards for reselling telecommunication services. It offers flexible alternatives to the mainstream phone company. As more and more Houston business phone systems grow in demand, Everybody’s Phone Company hoped to be able to meet that demand with excellent service as well as top-level customer support.

Everybody’s Phone Company Inc. users back up their service by offering a bad credit ok system, overlooking for any past discretions. Services are paid only when the customer needs them, and at their own convenience. Customers have the ability to establish phone lines within a week of registering and gain access to unlimited local, prepaid long distance, 911 and collect call services. Users are not charged for other peoples calls. For additional money, customers may also get call waiting, and caller ID depending on their need. Payments can be arranged monthly, as well with any participating retailers.

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