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IT support HoustonNow that many businesses have migrated to the cloud, the next frontier for gaining a deeper understanding of the modern business technology environment is IT governance and how it impacts your IT support in Houston. IT governance involves integrating IT strategy with business strategy within a formal framework. This plan helps a company measure its progress toward its goals and ensure proper operation. Here are ways that IT governance and support can strengthen a business:

Benefits of IT Governance

  • Helps comply with government regulations
  • Protects confidential information
  • Lays out steps for a disaster recovery plan
  • Determines solutions for preventing data loss
  • Provides financial accountability

Organizations that Need IT Governance

Hospitals, financial institutions, law firms, and other organizations that digitally transfer sensitive information need IT governance to ensure they are operating under the law. Remember that this type of program must be planned carefully, which can be done by IT support in Houston. Essentially, once an organization develops a lengthy client list that’s stored in a database, the firm needs to take responsibility to protect the data.

Your IT support team can ensure that your data is protected in various ways. Modern security methods, such as encryption and firewalls, help protect your data and applications from being penetrated by cybercriminals. IT professionals can use virtualization to put several operating systems on one server, allowing for complete replication of your infrastructure. The alternative is to store backups of your digital assets on physical servers in various places, including an off-site location. By regularly backing up and testing your data, your IT support team can easily retrieve data if there is a disruption in your business.

Your IT support team in Houston can take much of the worry off your hands when it comes to enforcing an IT governance program. Contact us at ICS to learn more about how IT services can improve your organization’s workflows, productivity, and overall stability.