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IT support San AntonioIT support in San Antonio has increasingly transcended beyond what has often been characterized as “piecemeal” service provision. Before, a managed service provider (MSP) was primarily concerned with the installation and troubleshooting of a client’s system. Today, that duty is in addition to what can be defined as turnkey tech services. Through cloud computing support, it is now possible for a startup business, or even a well-established one, to totally outsource technology solutions at a reduced cost and an increased level of output. This both boosts profit and lends a competitive edge for firms.

Defining Network Continuity

As MSP duties have shifted, new innovations have developed. One of those pertains to network continuity. You never want to lose any internet service, but your ISP may have issues every now and again which you can’t control. Network continuity helps you overcome this difficulty by providing you a 4G LTE failover contingency. If something knocks your traditional internet offline, the 4G LTE failover solution comes online— no service is lost either in terms of outreach or inbound client observation.

Cloud computing support allows for failover solutions with your network. Say your network crashes. The right security continuity plan through the cloud can boot a data mirroring solution, providing a secondary network for use that is “reflected” across the cloud. Network continuity solutions require both basic operation and internet connectivity. The advantages of establishing a network continuity solution include:

  • Reduced Client Loss
  • Decreased Operational Expense
  • Expanded Operational Productivity

Reduced Client Loss

IT support providers in San Antonio have helped many small businesses induct e-commerce solutions. These are increasingly necessary today. People do a lot of browsing and shopping online. They do this through mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and even IoT devices like smart refrigerators. If your e-commerce platform isn’t reliable, you will lose customers. Since you know any ISP will crash at some point for some reason, having failover through network continuity solutions makes a lot of sense. Having it at the right time could even save you the cost of implementation if a high-profile client opts to buy when your 4G LTE solution is providing coverage.

Decreased Operational Expense

Downtime is always expensive; even if the entire system hasn’t crashed. Larger organizations can experience $100,000 or more per hour. Depending on the size of your business, expect to lose at least $1,000 an hour. Small businesses may have trouble maintaining success at under $100 an hour in losses. If you’ve got failover solutions in terms of backup, data recovery, business continuity, and network continuity, you’re minimizing downtime. A big organization that reduces downtime by 50% saves the cost of the reduction measure, and then some. A smaller organization may find similar savings.

Expanded Operational Productivity

Decreased losses and operational expenses lead to increased productivity and return on investment. If you’ve got better failover, you’re likely to see increased profit.

IT support in San Antonio through ICS can help you ensure network failover in terms of internet connectivity and crash recovery. Contact us for the latest in network continuity solutions.