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IT support San Antonio, data recovery San AntonioIn this age of ransomware, data protection has become a top concern for IT support providers in San Antonio. It is important that you protect all your valuable data-it could be priceless family photos or crucial business data. Recently, large-scale attacks have become a common occurrence. The attacks are so severe and dangerous. They not only make a system inaccessible, but they also render data unusable.

If you fall victim of these attacks, you do not have to pay ransom to get your data back. You could either use a free decryptor or recover the data through your data protection and recovery strategies.

IT support providers in San Antonio advice against having to pay the ransom. The reasoning behind this is:

  • Once you give in to the demands of these attackers, they will know that you are an easy person and they will target you again for more extortions.
  • Even if you pay the ransom, you are still not sure whether these criminals can actually decrypt the data.
  • There are chances that data decryption may fail, and you end up losing the data anyway.
  • It is against the law to give these attackers pleasure by paying the ransom.


If you had not deployed a comprehensive strategy before the ransomware occurred, you have to rely on chances of data decryption.

Data Security and Recovery

Data protection is securing systems and data from unauthorized access, modification, disruption, disclosure, or even destruction. Proper data protection should be part of your security planning. It should cover disaster recovery planning as well as business continuity. A comprehensive data recovery system in San Antonio includes:

  • Confidentiality – this is ensuring that data is accessed only by those authorized to do so.
  • Integrity – this is ensuring that the systems and info are complete, accurate, and uncorrupted.
  • Availability – availability means a reliable and timely access to the data. Availability involves the data that is stored as a backup on a disk, tape or any other backup device.
  • Accessibility – accessibility is how easily the backed-up data can be accessed and recovered.


The only way that you can access the data is if you have a compatible system. If the user is in a server room, accessibility may be close to 100% but if he or she is far, it is reduced up to 0%. Availability remains the same though. However, both aspects are equally important.

Proactive Measures

Data recovery is the best measure to take against having to pay a ransom. It is advisable that you regularly test your data protection strategies to ensure that they are working. It is best that you test company resources multiple times. In addition, you should not rely on the Microsoft Recycle Bin for recovery purposes. It should only be used when you have accidentally deleted files.

It is time to think about your data security. Evaluate your current security measures and ensure that the plan is tested frequently. Incorporate your data protection and recovery plans into your security strategy. In this age of ransomware, you need to hire the services of an IT support provider in San Antonio. ICS is an IT provider that can help you secure your data among other IT services. Contact us today for more information.