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IT services HoustonIT services providers in Houston often conduct penetration testing as a means of determining where weaknesses lie in a given company. Make no mistake: your business is not watertight in terms of security; there will always be areas that are vulnerable to intrusion. However, businesses that conduct penetration tests can figure out where those vulnerabilities are and how best to handle them. Following are several characteristics of pen-testing companies worth considering as you go about finding your best solution:


Look for an IT services provider in Houston that has some level of experience with penetration testing. There are multiple ways to test a business for vulnerabilities. Social engineering hacks, ransomware, malware, antivirus, direct attacks on the firewall, and internal procedure exploitation are all common means by which cybercriminals gain entry to varying businesses. A pen-testing agency without experience will likely miss some common entry points hackers could potentially use.

Methods of Testing

Some testing methods were considered earlier. At the very least, internal and external tests should be conducted. At maximum, it isn’t without the realm of possibility for someone to act as a sort of secret agent within your organization. A pen-tester may come in as an employee on the sly. There are many methods, and which best fit your operation will differ. It makes sense to talk with multiple testing agencies to choose the ones who have the right experience and testing methods for your business.

Security Investment

Businesses that need IT services must work with IT consulting experts in Houston that have some forward investment in cutting-edge security solutions. There are quite a few different options out there, and technology is continuously shifting; what was secure last year won’t be secure next year. Find a testing agency that isn’t static.

Well-Rounded Security

ICS is an IT services provider in Houston that regularly updates security provision profiles, offers diverse means of testing, and comes with deep experience. Contact us for more information.