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Flat-Fee Managed IT for Healthcare Organizations

Every healthcare organization tends to struggle with the same challenge: implementing technologies that meet regulatory mandates, not making the environment overly complicated, and meeting the expectations of the clinicians. In the medical world, keeping up with technological advances can be difficult. After all, patient care takes priority over technological worries.

What is the ICS Advantage?

A flat-fee managed IT approach is often the best solution for healthcare organizations – giving you proactive support that anticipates your future needs, minimizes the risk of downtime and meets all of your regulatory needs. How does a partnership with ICS differ from other IT companies? It’s all about the ICS Advantage.

  • Locally owned and operated with an international reach: We’re a local company with more than 60 employees and 3000 customers, but each customer is managed like it is our only one.
  • A unique team assigned to you: We have a unique approach wherein you’re assigned an account manager who supports your business goals along with a dedicated Remote Support Engineer and on-site technician who are familiar with your business environment.
  • Over 3 decades of experience: ICS was founded in 1981 – meaning we have extensive experience in the change management of technology and regulations.

What is the ICS HIPAA Module?

When it comes to meeting HIPAA regulations, ICS offers a module that takes care of the technical side of things – giving you one less thing to worry about so you can focus on your patients.

  • Annual security risk analysis: This includes a digital scan of network engineering, specifically for CE’s and ePHI. ICS will store the scan for the required 6 years in our document management system.
  • An action plan: An action plan will be developed to address any and all security items from the scan. This will be documented, provided to you, and stored for 6 years with us.
  • Access to a compliance officer: We go through the same training and 3rd party audits that you do. ICS’s own compliance officer is available to help you with questions, processes, and procedures.
  • Training for your staff: Your HIPAA compliance officer and each end-user will take part in on-line accredited training. ICS will track each class, report back to you on the success, and store this information for 6 years.
  • Phish testing and simulation: ICS provides bi-annual phishing simulation to all users with email. Each use will receive up to 2 fake emails per year to test how they respond to phishing emails.
  • Access to vendors for discounted rates: If you need a 3rd party HIPAA audit, training or insurance program, we can provide access to the vendors at a discounted rate.
  • Policies and procedures: Our team will write out policies and procedures for all technology-related items to meet requirements. They will be provided to you, and of course, stored with us for 6 years.

Interested in the ICS HIPAA Module?  Connect with ICS today to learn more.