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IT support San AntonioSome small business owners resist making the transition to the cloud as they are hesitant to embrace change. Change is especially intimidating to small businesses as they might lack adequate manpower and resources. However, there are legitimate reasons as to why small businesses should move to the cloud. At ICS Communications, our IT support team in San Antonio can help you make this transition and realize the benefits outlined below:

A Cheaper Way to Do Business

Perhaps the most glaring benefit of migrating to the cloud is that it reduces small business costs. Cloud computing makes full use of hardware. Virtualization boosts the value of tangible server hardware, empowering small businesses to do plenty with as few physical computing devices as possible. The result is a reduction in rack space as well as a decrease in utility bills and IT requirements. Such reductions minimize costs associated with installation, hardware, maintenance, support, and upgrades.

Improved Integration

Take advantage of the cloud and all sorts of integration opportunities will arise. Small businesses that tap into the power of the cloud can integrate with a number of different cloud-based providers and specialized services for integration across every department (marketing, HR, accounting etc.). This frees up time to key in on responsibilities that mean the most to the business.

If you have any question as to how to use the cloud for integration, do not hesitate to reach out to our IT support team in San Antonio. We understand the idiosyncrasies of the cloud inside and out. Our tech gurus will help you enjoy a seamless transition that allows for integration to the fullest possible extent.

Enhance Your Team’s Collaboration

Wouldn’t it be nice if your team could work with one another on documents regardless of physical location? It is possible when you migrate to the cloud. Employees and clients can access, modify, and save files when the cloud is in use. Google Drive and other cloud collaboration tools empower users to upload, change and leave notes on documents accessible to co-workers and other approved parties. This enhanced access makes it incredibly easy to collaborate while on-the-go, in the office, at a hotel, in an airport or elsewhere. Cloud access also makes it easier for small business owners and managers to gauge employee progress on specific projects.


The cloud allows your team to access files and information relating to work on any device at any time or place. This way, your team isn’t limited to working when seated at their desk at the office. The bottom line is the world is becoming more mobile with each passing day. If your team can’t work in a mobile manner and provide colleagues, clients, and others with immediate responses, your small business will suffer a significant competitive disadvantage. The cloud’s flexibility extends to employees and owners of small businesses. Take a moment to think about how convenient it would be to access important business-related documents from any point on the globe at any point in time.

If you are thinking about migrating to the cloud or tapping into the power of a proven IT support team in San Antonio, look no further than ICS Communications. Our tech experts provide everything from cloud hosting to voice and data cabling, VoIP phone systems, managed IT services, and so much more. Contact us today to learn more!