Voice over IP (VoIP) technology is a system growing in popularity with Austin businesses, as business owners are discovering how to reap the benefits of these advanced systems.

VoIP systems have evolved with the digital age to allow employees to work remotely and be in constant contact with internal team members, as well as customers. The new systems allow for a litany of services, including:

Call integration
Chat between team members
Desktop collaboration
Email management
Project management
No matter what kind of solution your business needs, ICS can equip your office with a set of solutions that will help increase productivity.

How Does VoIP Technology Work?
VoIP converts traditional technologies into IP packets, allowing traffic to travel across all VoIP-enabled networks. In addition, VoIP technology help cut costs by combining traditional data and voice networks on a single network.

Some of the cost saving solutions include the sustainability of dial tone services, increased mobility due to the integration of mobile phone use into the business system, and application integration.

VoIP Mobility
The days when employees are chained to their office desks are gone, so it is increasingly essential for Austin companies to allow their services to be mobile for their team members.

Today’s technology allows smartphones to serve as an extension of VoIP systems, offering increased range in mobility. This solution allows your employees to transfer calls that are incoming to the office, to their cellular phones, all while maintaining the original caller’s ID.

Furthermore, employees can transfer calls to one another via their mobile devices as well. This extended smartphone application allows for all office members to see which device the other is using, allowing for maximum productivity and decisiveness when handling new customers. The system also integrates well with numerous applications and devices, including:

The experts at ICS will work closely with your business team to decide if a desktop phone will serve some team members best, while others are able to use the MiCollab software on their devices.

The benefits to remote work are endless, including cutting costs for office space and an improvement in recruiting due to an expanded talent pool. With the help of VoIP technology, your business could join the likes of some of the most influential companies in the country and Austin area who are adopting remote working practices.

When you combine the tools that ICS offers with the innovative call features, including call encryption, you have a comprehensive system that will allow all of your Austin employees to work at optimal efficiency, whether in the office or out.

The ICS VoIP Difference, Austin
The professional team at ICS will help you integrate your new VoIP system with your Austin business, and we will not rest until you are 100% satisfied. If you are not pleased with the hosted VoIP solution ICS provides, you may choose to move to an on-site solution with our company for the same, low monthly rate.

The possibilities are endless for your Austin business with a VoIP phone system in place. Request a quote today to see how we can get your business set up with a VoIP solution.