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IT support HoustonThe efficient use of technology will reduce your company’s costs and increase your profits. Yet you might not be tapping into the full power of IT. There are different ways to harness information technology to enhance efficiency and improve performance. An IT support team in Houston can help implement tech in a seamless manner. Here are a few ways how the proper use of IT can take your organization to the next level:


Information is the foundation for many businesses. Email, VoIP, digital conferencing and other tools have made the exchange of information quite simple. Email can be synced across several devices with ease— thanks to IMAP’s (Internet Message Access Protocol). Companies can even hold meetings in real-time— thanks to Skype, GoToMeeting etc.

The Cloud

Applications and equipment can be shifted to the cloud so businesses spend less on hardware and infrastructure. The cloud provides universal access regardless of physical location. This means employees can work at any point on the globe at any time on any web-connected device. If you have any questions or concerns about the cloud, be sure to reach out to an IT support team in Houston for assistance. IT experts know how to transition to the cloud and keep your data safe.

Automation Tools

Tech advances have made it possible to automate some tasks like marketing. There is no need for staff to spend more time doing things hands-on when automation can ramp up efficiency. As an example, marketing automation software can transmit an email, post to social media and notify others in additional ways if your company has made an announcement, updated a social media status and so on. Marketing automation even lets you know the number of people who opened the notification and clicked the link to see what your company posted.

Customer Relationship Management

Known as CRM, customer relationship management technology makes it easier to acquire, serve and keep clients. This system tracks business relationships to determine where prospects are in the sales/service pipeline. IT makes the organization of data and the efficient use of marketing efforts that much easier. CRM’s detailed client profiles even go as far as including buying preferences and history of purchases. This is the data your team needs to maximize sales.

Workflow Management

Workflow management is the process of tracking the steps for procedures. Every workflow step can be assigned to an individual. The system sends projects on through each of the steps. As an example, one staff member creates reports while another staff member edits the content and a third staff member organizes it and prepares it for the newsletter. One last employee is required to send out the newsletter to readers. Workflow management ensures that the system marks tasks as complete as soon as they are finished. The next individual in the chain is automatically notified a new task is pending.

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