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managed services San AntonioManaged services in San Antonio can help you keep your computers secure all day, every day of the year. October is traditionally the month when people celebrate cyber security. This is the time when everyone tries to ensure that they’ve got good security in place and search for additional security measures, but you can’t just relegate security to a single month.

You’ve got to be on the ball year round. New hacks, new malware, new social engineering scams arise throughout a given year. While there are times when hacks are more likely to happen – like the holidays, kicking off just as Cybersecurity Month winds down – it doesn’t matter what time of year it is. Take the WannaCry hack as an example. In March of 2017, it was revealed that the NSA designed backdoors into Windows devices. When this was leaked, hackers derived a ransomware worm that entered using SMB ports; users didn’t even have to download a spurious email.

Those with up-to-date security, including upgrades and patches, weren’t affected. But computers in over 150 countries were affected by this hack because they didn’t have such measures in place. So with that in mind, the following are some tips to help you secure your business systems all year:

  • Educate employees
  • Proper cybersecurity oversight
  • Continuous, proactive monitoring and support
  • Regular installation of patches and upgrades

Educate Employees

Your first line of defense against cybercriminals is giving employees education in the best practices for secure operations. Yeah, you want firewalls, you want cybersecurity software, you want antivirus software, anti-malware software, and a suite of security programs that manage passwords; but if your employees don’t know how to interface with these solutions, or conduct themselves online, all of that are for naught.

Many threats come from spurious emails containing malicious attachments. Employees need to know what not to click on and how to avoid accidentally opening a pathway for a hacker. Many MSPs offer training courses and the like to organizations in need. At the very least, they can help businesses educate themselves pertaining to the most secure internal practices.

Proper Cybersecurity Oversight

Security won’t conduct itself. You need management of cybersecurity solutions from the top down in order to have the greatest effectiveness. What you may want to do is acquire the support of an agency who can proactively manage your things and advise your business on the best choices internally.

Continuous Proactive Monitoring and Support

Managed services in San Antonio need to be “on the ball” all the time. The right security solutions can monitor your systems continuously in order to detect anomalous behavior and stop cybercrime before it starts.

Regular Installation Of Patches and Upgrades

You also want patches and upgrades installed at regular intervals. Automation can be key here: find an organization to help you maintain security in such a way.

Managed services in San Antonio through ICS can help you acquire relevant, comprehensive solutions for your operation. Contact us for security internally, externally, and in a consultative capacity. October may have been “Cybersecurity Month”, but you need protection year-round; so let’s get started.