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IT support San AntonioManaged service providers (MSPs) can be local, regional, national, or even international. Trying to figure out which MSP is right for your business is a major challenge. When choosing your IT support in San Antonio, going local offers certain benefits that are second to none.

Outsourcing IT functions has become very common, especially for smaller businesses with limited resources. When selecting an MSP, a company will find several options. Some are smaller, local companies. Others are bigger, covering all or part of the country. A few even provide services around the globe. What is the best option for your company?

Going local is the better option for most small companies. It brings certain advantages that larger companies just cannot match.

Fast, Local Help

The best advantage of working with a local MSP is the fast service you get. With a larger, non-local company, you get in line with their other customers. If you need on-site service, it could take days to get a technician out to address the problem.

With a local IT support provider in San Antonio, you know where the office is and they know where you are. You will get a technician out as soon as possible and avoid costly delays in getting your IT back up and running.

Personalized Service

Have you ever felt like a number to one of your vendors? Larger companies tend to slack when it comes to personalized service. They have so many customers that they don’t need to know who you are, just your account number and the problem you are reporting.

Local MSPs are different. They know their customers and they know your infrastructure. Their customer services reps and technicians develop personal relationships with their customers. They have that personal touch that makes all the difference in customer service.

Cost Savings

Larger providers charge more, as a general rule, when compared to smaller local MSPs. They do this because they have a portfolio of larger companies and only offers lower prices for large accounts. Smaller companies tend to get the higher price tag as a result.

Smaller, local MSPs are different. They tend to charge less and offer the same or better service than their larger competitors, plus you get the personalized and faster service on top of it all.

These are just three of the major advantages you get by working with a local MSP instead of a larger one. If you want to learn more about how managed services can help your company, contact us at ICS. We stand ready to help you with all your IT support needs in San Antonio.