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Why Should You Switch To VoIP?

If you really want to engage and retain your members, give them a call. Sure, email is easier, but your members probably get so many emails that most end up in their trash bin. Verbal communications are the best way to connect with your members. And VoIP PBX is the preferred phone system for golf and country clubs today.

The telephone is a vital part of daily operations for most clubs. That’s because a simple phone call is one of the best ways you can gain member engagement and retention.

However, some are still using outdated telephone systems that make it difficult to add features or expand. And with the high cost for a typical business phone system, you can see why many have moved to the newer VoIP business phones.

What Is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) works by converting traditional voice technologies into standard IP packets. Once converted, the voice traffic can travel across any or all VoIP-enabled networks.

VoIP was developed specifically as a communication system with a very low cost. It provides fast and high-quality voice communication all over the world.

You can integrate all of your computer applications with a VoIP business phone system. This includes your email, fax, video and audio, web conferencing and more.

How Can VoIP Save You Money?

One of the benefits of VoIP technology is that now traditional voice/data networks can be combined on a single network, significantly decreasing monthly spending with a local dial tone carrier. This means that making a call is nearly free of charge.

With VoIP Business Phones, you’ll save up to 40% over other phone systems. And you’ll save on long distance calling, internet services, faxes and interoffice communications. Plus, you won’t have to pay those annoying monthly fees that local carriers charge.

VoIP services integrate with your staff’s mobile phones. They can check their voicemails from a mobile phone or transfer a call to their mobile phone when they’re working in another area of your club or from any place they happen to be. This keeps all of your employees connected and accessible wherever they’re working from. The result is increased productivity and efficiency (another money saver for your club).

What Are Some Of The Features VoIP Business Phones Provide?

There are many, but a lot of country clubs and golf clubs enjoy these specific ones:

  • Built-in CRM functions so your inbound calls appear from your Outlook or another contact file. You’ll have all the information about the caller at your fingertips.
  • No long distance charges because you’re using the Internet to make calls.
  • Set up phones to ring the front desk first, then be transferred to an auto attendant menu with options such as a dial-by-name directory, voicemail and other options.
  • Voicemail-to-Email capability so your staff receives this information on their computing devices as well as via the VoIP phone system.
  • Hotlines for special announcements, such as program changes and special offerings.
  • The ability to park calls and answer them from any other phone in your club.
  • Ring Groups where specified calls ring multiple phones simultaneously.
  • A Music-on-Hold feature including customized “company infomercial” recordings.
  • Configure phones for users, with the ability to also do this remotely.
  • Call queues and Round-Robin ringing for specific employees such as your sales staff.
  • You can forward calls to your staff’s mobile phones, so you always have coverage while they are away from your club.
  • The ability for employees to call members from their mobile phones but have it look like the call is coming from your club’s phone system.
  • Electronic faxes – so no fax machines or phone lines are required.
  • Reports on who called who, and when. This comes in handy for your sales staff to keep track of which prospects have been contacted.
  • You can “Blacklist” annoying calls from salespeople who keep harassing you, as well as junk faxes to your FAX machine that waste paper.
  • The ability to transfer calls directly to voicemail.
  • A built-in website so your employees can set up their own passwords, listen to, forward and delete voicemails, or set a “find me/follow me” feature to route calls to another line.
  • An auto-dial feature where you can click on a phone number from a website or Outlook on your computer to make a call.
  • An overhead paging feature from an individual phone or group of phones.
  • Access to a myriad of desk phones and cordless phones that you can mix and match as you need to.
  • The ability to keep your current phone number and integrate it into the new system.

With VoIP Business Phones, your club can enjoy all the phone services that normally only large enterprises can afford. Plus, there’s no hefty cost for installation. Everything is paid for with a monthly per-user fee that provides affordability and scalability.

And don’t worry about technical issues. Your service will be monitored and maintained around the clock. If you have any problems, one of our technicians is available to help. They’ll make sure that you, your staff and your members stay connected.

To learn more about the benefits of using VoIP Business Phones for your golf or country club in Houston, San Antonio or Austin, or the Rio Grande Valley, contact the experts at ICS.

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