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Houston IT companiesHouston IT companies can help you make the cloud switch in as cost-effective a way as possible. There are many factors to consider as you adopt the cloud, not least of which is competitiveness. There is widespread adoption of cloud computing in terms of traditional office infrastructure. Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, and a number of other cloud options are available. Which works best for your organization will depend on your business. Before you make the switch, you want to ask a few questions. There’s a time and place for everything. If you jump to the cloud too early, you compromise profitability. Do the switch too late, and you’ll–as mentioned earlier–be less competitive. But answering key questions can tell you if the time is right:

  • What does cloud adoption look like now?
  • Is your business the kind to keep tech on-premises?
  • What do hybrid options look like?

What Does Cloud Adoption Look Like Now?

Houston IT companies have increased their provision in terms of cloud computing, and the trend is expected to continue. According to Forbes, over half a trillion dollars will be spent on cloud infrastructural solutions by the end of this year. It’s expected that this trend will continue unless some unpredictable factor inexplicably halts technological progress. With that in mind, if there are areas of operation which can securely make the transition among your business, it would make sense to look into the shift.

Is Your Business the Kind to Keep Tech On-Premises?

There are 1,271 different organizations run by the government for terms of intelligence and roughly 1,931 companies that work on a “private” or “contractor” basis effectively doing the same thing. All these businesses are peppered throughout 10,000 separate locations across the US. Many of these businesses cannot use cloud computing solutions because the information is of a delicate nature that is sought by competing agencies. The same is true for some medical organizations, some technology development firms, and some educational institutions.

What about your business? Is there a reason data must be kept on premises or are you courting an informational luxury that is undermining profitability? If you are, it’s time to upgrade.

What Do Hybrid Options Look Like?

Thankfully, there is a way to have your cake and eat it, too. Hybrid options incorporate on-site solutions with off-site solutions for a public/private hybrid cloud, providing the maximum in cost-effectiveness, security, and competitiveness.

Finding the Best Option

Houston IT companies can help you determine when to make the cloud computing switch. We can also help you make the transition. Contact us now at ICS for more information.