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Houston IT companiesEvery so often, the news is headlined by reports of the latest cyber attacks. It seems that these attacks are becoming more and more frequent as hackers widen their scope and go further than before. Every business has to prioritize cybersecurity to avoid being the next statistic. For many businesses, there is the challenge of old technology systems. Besides being slower and less adaptive, these systems are at a higher risk of cyber attacks. Houston IT companies are ready to help you mitigate these risks.

Legacy Systems and Cyber Attacks

Older systems are being phased out, but businesses often have some good reasons to be keeping them on. Perhaps the systems are perfectly suited for what is required and a newer version may not offer any significant benefits. It may be a matter of costs because migrating to a newer system can often be very expensive, especially for a smaller business. It could also be that an update is in the works, but the business is still making the necessary preparations and provisions for the move.

The problem with legacy systems is that they are an easier target for a hacker. If the technology is very old, it could even be that the technology provider no longer offers that version or provides support for it. Additionally, hackers have had the time to study it well and understand the weak spots that have not been addressed. You need to have a stellar IT team to make sure that you have all the necessary cyber security features. Houston IT companies can provide additional support.

What Can You Do?

If you are not yet looking to change out your systems, there is still a lot that can be done to lower the risks of an attack. Where updates and patches are available, these must be run quickly to make sure that your system is up-to-date. Oftentimes, these are no longer available, so it’s up to you to partner with an IT provider that can help you navigate your way to a more modern system.

Patch management, system updates, and system upgrades are all very crucial aspects of preventing a cyber-attack.

If you are looking for any assistance in your business cybersecurity, ICS can help. We are one of the best Houston IT companies. We offer a range of products and services for businesses and are ready to help you find a personalized solution. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services.