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Houston IT companiesHouston IT companies understand the benefits and hazards of mobile productivity solutions. On one hand, you can cut down on employee travel time, increase availability, reduce operational costs in terms of space as well as equipment, and experience better employee productivity. On the other hand, security issues can be massive when it comes to mobile solutions, as can management.

Micromanagement is Reduced Through BYOD

If you’re a micromanagement fan, you’re likely not going to prefer solutions like BYOD (bring your own device). However, the numbers could make you change your mind. Granted, you can’t get the feel you could for the output of employees, but then, if you’re always holding their hand, how will they ever run? Your staff has to trip and smack their professional facade against some digital pavement in order to realize where the discontinuities are in the sidewalk of business. If you never let them fail, they’ll never succeed. Now granted, there are some costs you absorb, but proper leadership helps avoid those unnecessarily large while yet providing freedom for employees. BYOD is a great way for your staff to maximize output while reducing unprofitable activity.

Instituting Mobile Device Management Protocols

Here’s the thing: you need to have some MDM (mobile device management) solution in place. Houston IT companies can help you apply this kind of thing in terms of password management and access control. Using DaaS (Desktop as a Service), you’re able to have your workers update operations continuously as though they were updating things from their own end-user portals in a cubicle. But if you don’t manage access, cybercriminals will seep in at the edges and either piggyback your network or outright steal from you. Multi-factor verification protocols can be very effective in preventing cybercrime, as can proactive management and support as facilitated by an MSP.

Transitioning in a Strategic Way

A final consideration involves transition. This can take time, but with mobile device solutions facilitated through the cloud, you can incrementally shift your staff as they’re able to make the change. Additionally, through such an incremental shift you can more effectively determine what operational impediments are waiting for you, and more comprehensively anticipate such issues as more of your staff make the switch.

Houston IT companies, like ICS, can help you effectively manage a non-localized operational model in terms of security, visibility, and transition. Adopting such a solution is an increasingly popular technology choice for many businesses, so additionally making the switch facilitates competitiveness. Contact us for more mobile information.