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Houston IT companies,data recovery HoustonSMBs are increasingly working with Houston IT companies in the management of their IT. The amount of data that they have to deal with increases by day as they take advantage of digital information to do their daily operations. As such, this data has to be well protected because, without it, the business cannot go on. There is also a need to comply with the regulations set by the government on matters to do data security. It is common to see businesses closing down because of lost or stolen data. Thus, it’s necessary to have a proper data backup and disaster recovery strategy in place. This will not only keep your business safe and competitive, but also compliant.

Discussed below are instances when data can be compromised and how Houston IT companies can be of help in getting over the damage:

Security Breaches

Small to medium-sized businesses now have to deal with malware where hackers encrypt data and ask for ransomware to give it back. SMBs are known to hackers to be an easy target because they probably do not have efficient security measures like in big corporations.

An MSP comes in handy in such a scenario because they will have backed up your data to an offsite location. This means that you do not have to pay ransom to get your data back as you will have copies of it from the offsite location

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fire, or even hurricanes can occur at any time and to any business. However, small to medium-sized business get affected more because sometimes they are not well-equipped with a proper data recovery plan in Houston.

However, if you are working with an MSP, it is given that they will have backed up your data to an offsite location with a good disaster recovery plan. In the event that your office is flooded, you will probably use a makeshift office, access your data, and continue with normal operations until your primary location is restored.

Human Error

Human error is now the biggest cause of data loss. Humans are prone to making mistakes, but sometimes it may happen due to lack of experience, negligence, or even deliberate sabotage. With an MSP, you are assured of continuous network monitoring, thus minimizing human error.

Small and medium-sized businesses should collaborate with Houston IT companies to help them with data backup and recovery services. ICS is an IT company that offers data backup and recovery services. Contact us now and let us help keep your data secure for assured business continuity.