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Houston IT companiesModern businesses rely on servers for the brunt of their data and operations. Servers store important information and hosts essential applications. If your servers are not properly secured and maintained, problems will arise. One of the duties of Houston IT companies is to fortify servers, improve their functionality, perform prompt upgrades and handle repairs to ensure data security. Meanwhile, Let’s take a look at the top signs it is time for a server upgrade:

Insufficient Storage Space

If you are short on storage space, enhancing your digital security will prove challenging. This is a telltale sign your server needs an upgrade. A bump up in storage space will empower your business to download that much more information and save additional files and programs in a digital manner to enhance your business.

Slow Computers

A desktop computer that operates too slowly is incredibly frustrating. A slow computer reduces your organization’s efficiency and productivity. Take a look at the system CPU that performs tasks requested by your systems. If you find the usage rate is upwards of 80% or higher, it is time for a server upgrade.

Annoyingly Loud Servers

Noisy electronics are likely to fail. Once servers reach a certain age, they struggle to work in the same discrete manner. Aging servers require additional energy for functionality. Furthermore, fans must enhance output to ward off overheating. Noisy fans are an indication the server is laboring excessively. This is a clear sign an upgrade is necessary. Houston IT companies can help you select the best server for your company’s unique demands and enjoy a seamless transition.

An Expiring Warranty

Servers have warranties just like every other product. Once the warranty is up, the manufacturer will no longer bear any responsibility for replacing broken parts. Furthermore, acquiring such parts will prove challenging and costly. It will prove cheaper and easier to simply upgrade your server.

If you notice any of the signs above, you can benefit from the assistance of Houston IT companies. We understand the intricacies of servers. Just as important is the fact that we will invest the time necessary to understand your unique business needs to ensure you select the optimal server. Contact us now at ICS and let us upgrade your server.