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Houston IT companiesDespite the benefits of managed services, Houston IT companies still face resistance from businesses that are plagued by myths about managed services. The fear of adopting new technologies is driven by misconceptions about the security and reliability of these services. However, these myths only serve to keep businesses from benefiting from the various solutions offered by MSPs.

Here are the top myths debunked:

Cloud Services Are Vulnerable

The misconception that cloud services are vulnerable to security breaches is misleading and incorrect. Cloud services strictly adhere to IT compliance regulations such as the FedRAMP, which standardizes security monitoring for all cloud services. The federal security compliance enforced by the federal government proves the credibility of the safety of these services.

Besides, MSPs implement critical security protocols to safeguard the integrity of customer data. In particular, they are required to conduct ongoing security scans for their customers’ data, and third parties with the authorization of the federal government audit them. Thus, they’ll identify risks fast and fix them right away.

MSPs Are Not Cost-Effective

Houston IT companies face skeptical clients that have fallen for the myth of the lack of economic-efficiency from managed services. Although there’s a significant, initial cost when migrating to the cloud, managed IT gives you immense cost-savings in the long-term. In comparison to on-premises hardware infrastructure, managed IT doesn’t cost you recurring maintenance fees. Instead, you’ll benefit from the state-of-the-art cloud computing infrastructure at a minimal fee.

MSPs Are No Better Than an In-House IT Team

The myth that an in-house team can deliver the same output as an MSP has grown popular; but it is false, and managed services are superior to an internal approach to IT, especially the level expertise and technology solutions. Besides, they’re always up-to-date and flexible to scale up and down to accommodate your needs.

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