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Houston IT companiesBYOD is commonplace in 2018. This acronym stands for “Bring Your Own Device”. BYOD makes sense for employers as it reduces overhead costs on computing equipment and enhances productivity. Employees love BYOD because it lets them bring their own devices to work. However, there are some negatives to letting employees bring their computing devices to work. As an example, BYOD creates an opportunity for outside threats to infiltrate the network. Houston IT companies advise businesses that BYOD must be implemented in a prudent manner.

The Basics of BYOD Policies

The best BYOD policies provide a means of tracking each unique device. Monitoring these devices empowers management and ownership to understand exactly which computers are on the network, which employees are using them and the data they are accessing. This data gathering and monitoring can be done quite easily in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Everything from devices, models and serial numbers to access to VPNs, from VPNs and the accessibility of network devices, should be monitored. Even the licenses and apps should be tracked.

As soon as you know exactly which devices are on the network, company leaders will need a means of managing them. Mobile management software facilitates this challenge. Though most employees are disappointed by the fact that administrators need to access their personal devices, such access is necessary to guarantee the BYOD policy is functional and network security is maintained. In certain cases, compromises will be made to ensure both parties are happy.

Find a Happy Medium

The best BYOD policies consider employee desires, as well as the business’s security protocols. Strive for a happy medium that proves mutually acceptable to both groups. Houston IT companies help customize security for specific applications. This way, certain apps will be restricted to those with the appropriate security clearance. Employees will find this approach minimally invasive and, therefore, prove content with the BYOD policy.

Houston IT companies help businesses with all aspects of BYOD policy. Rely on tech experts to create a BYOD policy that secures your sensitive information, improves workplace efficiency and keeps employees happy. Reach out to us at ICS for more information.