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Houston IT companiesAs Houston IT companies advance in terms of technology, so do cybercriminals who are always looking for vulnerabilities in businesses to exploit. There are dedicated hackers out there who are always targeting businesses of all sizes. The healthcare industry is no exception in this menace. In fact, research has shown that healthcare data is rewarding, bountiful, and easily accessible, making it a favorite to hackers. So far, the healthcare sector has reported several breaches. Hackers spend so much time behind their devices trying to hack into the electronic protected health information (ePHI). This information includes health insurance data, account logins, social security numbers, and addresses. This information is highly sought after, especially by those doing their transactions on the Dark Web.

Houston IT companies have now taken the mandate to formulate cybersecurity countermeasures and technologies to ensure business data such as ePHI is entirely protected from any possible breach.

Behavioral Monitoring

Tracking your employee’s behaviors assists in establishing patterns and anomalies in patterns. This is turning into a reality with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, and machine learning. With AI, it is possible to study activity and record access, thus identifying anomalies in behavior.

Businesses can now take advantage of AI to capture and study behavioral data. With this, they set baselines for proper record access and normal behavior. This helps to identify any employee behavior that could possibly lead to a breach. They can tell many things, such as how certain applications are being used and by whom. Mostly, breaches come because of internal processes. Behavioral monitoring is a proactive measure that helps in learning and stopping missteps before they happen.

The Cloud

Interoperability (sharing and exchanging of records and data) is among the challenges that most businesses today face. Sharing between software, systems, and devices can be a bit complicated as security, time sensitivity, logistics, privacy, and cost-effectiveness have to be considered.

Cloud-based storage is the ultimate solution to interoperability. The healthcare sector, for instance, has standard cloud environments tailored specifically to meet its requirements. The cloud offers solutions that are inexpensive, intelligent, and easy to use, and which can automate several systems in businesses.

Cybersecurity for the healthcare industry and other businesses is not going to be a problem anymore with the advent of these mentioned new technologies like the cloud, AI, and behavioral analytics. However, it is advisable to reach out to Houston IT companies for an added layer of cybersecurity for your business. ICS offers cybersecurity services for all types of businesses, including healthcare businesses. Contact us now for more information.