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Houston IT companiesAs a business owner seeking cyber security services, you would do well partnering with a managed IT services provider in Houston from one of the Houston IT companies offering data security and data integrity as bundled services. A bundled service is one in which a service provider combines two or more complementary services and offers them as a single offering.

Difference Between Data Security and Data Integrity

Data security

Data security entails all the services that are geared towards ensuring that your corporate data is secure. This may include restricting access to authorized personnel, password management and barring hackers from accessing your corporate network. The goal of data security is to protect against data theft and data corruption.

Data Integrity

On the other hand, data integrity relates to the accuracy and validity of data. Data can only be valid and accurate if it is secured and protected from being corrupted. Houston IT companies often implement data security processes with an intention of achieving the goals of data integrity.

How Can Data Security Be Used to Achieve Data Integrity?

Transfer errors, hacking, bugs and viruses, compromised hardware, cyber-threats, and human error are some of the ways in which data integrity can be compromised. Data security processes can help minimize the threats facing your corporate data and by so doing ensure that your data integrity is upheld. Some ways in which data security can be used to enhance data integrity include:

  • Backing up data regularly
  • Preventing input of unverified data
  • Installing error detection and correction software in your system
  • Implementing user controls to limit access to data


As seen above, data security and data integrity are complementary services, and as such, you should consider taking them as a bundled service. ICS is one of the leading Houston IT companies with skilled technicians and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. Contact us nowย and let us secure your data.