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Houston IT companiesAsk around about cloud services, and you will likely be misinformed by some or possibly even all of those you talk to. The general public misunderstands the merits of cloud services, partially because the technology is fairly complicated. The best way to find out the truth about cloud services is to ask Houston IT companies. Below, IT experts separate cloud services fiction from fact to shed light on the truth:

Truth or Fiction: An internet connection empowers employees to collaborate with one another through the cloud with ease on any type of device.

Answer: Truth. As long as your team has web-connected devices, they can access documents on the cloud. These documents can be shared and edited in real-time. If you have any issues connecting to the cloud, the most efficient means of solving the problem is asking those who understand this technology. Houston IT companies, for example, can troubleshoot your connectivity issues, resolve the problem and ramp up your team’s productivity.

Truth or Fiction: The cloud is completely secure

Answer: Fiction. The cloud is quite secure, yet an employee’s mistake or a flawed IT approach can make this technology insecure. The infrastructure of the cloud is designed for the secure transmission and storage of data. The bottom line is— if end-users are permitted to access the cloud, it is possible for data to be exposed to malicious parties. Every business owner, manager and IT employee should know 9 in 10 security breaches are the result of an end-users mistake.

Truth or Fiction: The cloud is comparably cost-effective as there is no need to pay for re-occurring hardware, management, and maintenance.

Answer: Partial fiction and partial truth. It is possible for the cloud to be cost-effective. However, operational expenses must be considered and analyzed in-depth. Segue to the cloud, and your business will save a considerable amount of money on capital expenses. However, operational costs will not disappear. In some cases, such costs will increase by a considerable margin.

Truth or Fiction: Scalability is one of the cloud’s premier benefits as it facilitates business challenges during periods of growth and shrinkage.

Answer: Truth. You cannot predict the future of your business. It is possible that your enterprise will grow quite rapidly in the coming months and years. Contraction is also possible. Regardless of how your business changes, the cloud can be used in a flexible manner to control costs.

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