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Every business should be required to have call recording programs installed on all phones. Accurate accounts for all calls should be kept for both the customer and the company. If a client needs to make a complaint about how he was spoken to by an employee or to confirm that information was taken properly, it is crucial to have the ability to fully exam the call for any errors. Sometimes a client may take an expression that an employee may use the wrong way and often when comforted with the actual audio of the call will readjust their feelings about the situation. It is also necessary to have this software in place for verbal contracts. When signing up for a new service, like cell phone contract, the representative will advise the customer of the service agreement over the phone. If the customer wants to claim they were not informed of a particular aspect of the agreement it just makes sense to have a permanent, complete account of everything that was said. Call recording is also essential for conference calls. A lot of business is being done globally, which requires more video conferencing meetings and conference calls. The ability to record a two hour meeting and listen to it at your leisure for transcription or note taking is valuable and provides a level of security to all parties involved. There is no downside to call recording for any business and can actually save your business a lot of time and money overall.

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