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IT services San AntonioThe concept of the cloud was disruptive to many users, but it was difficult to see just how important this technology would be at the outset. Little did we know that cloud computing would become such a force of change in so little time. Now, businesses are scrambling to find IT services providers in San Antonio and keep up with the advancements that are happening in the cloud.

Here’s how the cloud is changing the way we do business:

Cloud Computing Improves Collaboration

Not only are cloud-based programs very effective at making communication easier between departments, but it also has an interesting effect on management collaboration. Even people outside of the IT team can get involved in finding cloud-based solutions that will serve their departments. From top to bottom, the cloud makes it easier to form working relationships.

Cloud Computing Allows You to Focus on Core Competencies

Instead of trying to build a data center and manage software developments while also running your business, cloud computing allows you to focus on your core competencies and hand off your computing issues to your IT services provider in San Antonio.

Cloud Computing Opens Up New Possibilities

Many companies struggle with limitations caused by budgeting, time, space, and staffing. When you use cloud-based software and infrastructure, you are paying for only a fraction of what you’re using. Thus, you can expand your data capacity without having to worry about the cost of new servers and where they will go. You can roll out new programs without having to worry about overtime for your IT team. Simply put, you can do more than you’ve ever been able to do before without draining your resources.

Cloud Computing Gives You the Latest and Greatest

The one thing that has made the cloud such an important part of our world today is the ability to handle software updates and patches over the air within a moment’s notice. Software development and licensing used to cost a fortune up front only for you to be stuck with outdated technology within 2-3 years. With the cloud, you are joining a service program that will keep you up to date and offer new features as soon as they come online. The cloud offers a chance at continuous improvement instead of making large, disjointed leaps every few years.

The Cloud Goes Everywhere, Anytime

The cloud is the bleeding edge of versatility. It is mobile and it is always on. You can reach the cloud from any web-connected device through personalized portals. You can reach the cloud after hours or when you’re in a different time zone halfway around the world. You don’t have to pack extra equipment or backups to make sure the cloud will work wherever you’re going.

The Cloud is Responsible

By combining resources into a single cloud data center, IT service providers are able to reduce the amount of energy consumed during operations. By sharing data center space and shifting traffic around current needs, the cloud provider is able to conserve energy in a way that individual businesses could not.


These are just some of the ways that cloud computing is changing business as we know it. The cloud has already exceeded expectations at every turn. Now, IT services providers in San Antonio like ICS are helping businesses of all sizes. To learn more about how we can assist with your business’ IT needs, contact us today.